The word Genesis means “origin” or “beginning”, it is how it all started.  In fact – the entire first book of Genesis is about origins.  It details for us, not only the creation of the planet and the creation of humanity, but also the initiation of The Blessing upon the earth.  It takes us through not only the Fall (and man giving away this Blessing), but also how God created a family with the intent of them growing and carrying The Blessing to all of the earth.  By reading this book with that plotline in mind, we can see God’s heart at work – directing and guiding people in The Blessing to which He has established them.

In this first Chapter, we are given a glimpse into the first few moments of creation.  There is so much in this first chapter that we could study it for months on end and continue to glean diamonds out of it.  But there are a couple of things I find myself focusing on:

For starters, in verse 3 – “and God said ‘Let there be light, and there was light”.   The English rendering of this verse seems to imply this as a much less powerful statement then it probably was.  (It is almost as if God is asking permission here).  But in reality – the actual Hebrew reads “Light Be”!  God commanded it… and it obeyed instantly!   Light exploded upon the creation scene at 186,000 miles per second.  (Since God never said “Light Cease” – it is still moving – expanding the universe – as scientists can attest).    There are many powerful Truths we can attain from this passage – but one of significance is that God created everything out of His spoken Word.  That same Word, with its power to create, is still at work within us.

The chapter goes on to detail the creation of various parts of our planet.  It is interesting that birds are created “out of the waters” (vs. 20-21).  (Scientists today can confirm that birds possess similar characteristics to fish… and the Bible tells us why this is so)!   God created vegetation – fish/birds out of the sea – animals out of the earth.  Everything was put into place in preparation for God’s greatest work of creation.  In vs. 26-27 God creates man “in His image”, and places that man on the earth to tend, rule, lovingly order this creation that He has started.  Then in vs. 28 we see the first utterance of The Blessing; “be fruitful and multiply”.  We will trace this continued Blessing all throughout human history again and again.

So creation is portrayed in this beautiful poetic style as absolute and wonderful and God calls it “good”!  Then, as an apex to it all, we see the creation of mankind as Caretakers – and this God calls “very good”!  This should have been the very bottom of the barrel for humanity – the very worse situation we would find ourselves in.  According to God’s original intent, The Blessing was spoken and would carry man to monumental heights.  Unfortunately, we had other ideas…