“Had it not been for the devil, and man’s cooperation with him, the Bible could have been a very short book.” 

When I first read those words in a book, they literally jumped off the pages at me!   It was so clear that it was staggering…  in the first 2 chapters of Genesis we see God create a beautiful home and then created mankind and put them in charge of this beautiful home.  He pronounced the Blessing on them “Be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:28).   If man had simply obeyed God and started putting that Blessing in action then the rest of the Bible would have been unneeded.

But in Chapter 3 – we are given a glimpse into not only what caused the world to go array – but how it did – and the effects of that fateful day.   We are introduced to an enemy of God, Satan, who absolutely hates the fact that humanity has been given what he has sought for eons.  You see, Satan wanted the Blessing – He wanted to have this creative power of God flowing within him.  Way before he had donned that snake-suit, he had wanted it so badly that he tried to take it by force – but when that failed – he tried a new tactic… deception.  He surmised that, since he couldn’t TAKE the Blessing of God – he would convince man to GIVE him the Blessing willingly.  So he deceived Adam and Eve – and convinced them to go against God’s plan and hand over that power to him.  Shockingly, instead of that move causing the devil to ascend, it caused humanity to fall.

The end result of that decision was the distortion of God’s Blessing and the releasing of the Curse.  It wasn’t God who released the Curse in anger and punishment for man’s disobedience, it was Adam who released the Curse by putting the Blessing into the hands of the devil.  Once the devil got ahold of the Curse it was distorted and twisted.  Instead of goodness being spread over the earth (The Blessing) – evil and heartache was spread over the earth (The Curse).  Instead of Life, Death was born; instead of Health, Sickness; instead of Plenty, Lack; and on and on the list goes.

One of the Hebrew root words for “Curse” is bitterness.  That is what happened that day; bitterness was released across the earth.  Human life became bitter.  Animals became bitter towards humanity.  Nature became bitter.  Even the ground became bitter and ceased to give abundantly.  Instead, Adam had to toil and work to earn what before he was told to create!

The Good News is that God did not allow things to remain that way.  He immediately launched His Rescue Mission in the form of Jesus – the Offspring (Gen 3:15).  The earth broke that day – but God was already at work to put it back together… and He still was going to use man to do it!  Secondly, due to His wonderful mercy and love for us, God removed us from the garden (and the possibility that we could eat from the other tree and live in our broken state forever).

As we shall see next, the devastating effects of the Curse will take shape in the lives of people all over the earth.   It is amazing how quickly things fall apart once we begin doing things our way!