As I read the chapter this morning, I noticed an interesting similarity.

In Chapter 5 – Enoch is mentioned as one who did not die, but “was not, for God took him.” (5:24). Prior to that little fact is the description of Enoch as a man who “walked [in habitual fellowship]with God” (AMP). Then in today’s chapter 6 – we are given a more thorough introduction to Noah – and God preserving him and his family from the flood. (Water is a symbol of chaos in the OT… so the Flood can be seen as the chaos of the Curse literally and figuratively overtaking the original intention for the world). In the same way, Noah is described, as well, as a man who “walked [in habitual fellowship] with God.” (6:9).

So we have 2 different men, both living in the midst of a generation which had completely succumbed to the chaos around them, and had rejected their Creator in every way. Yet, both of these men lived in habitual fellowship with God. It cannot be a coincidence then that these same 2 men are rescued by God from the chaos around them.

The word “habitual” means “formed by frequent repetition of the same act” (Websters). So to “habitually” walk with God must elude to the fact that these 2 men conducted themselves daily in commune with God. Obviously they spoke with Him, listened to Him, obeyed Him, drew close to Him, etc. In fact, the final verse in today’s chapter 6 tells us that “Noah did this, he did all that God commanded him.” I’m certain that this complete obedience that Noah possessed as a characteristic was not formed when God told him to build an ark for an upcoming flood… Instead it was probably formed during the mundane days when he was the only one serving and worshiping.

Once again, the theme of the Blessing is clearly seen in the Scriptural story. God’s heart is to rescue me and provide a way above the chaos around me. But it is only by my “habitual” obedience and walking with Him that I am provided the way through life. I won’t drown – for He has rescued me.

May we all, as Enoch and Noah, develop the steps of a habitual walker with God.

Grace & Peace,