As I was reading my chapter this morning (Chapter 18) – a couple of things jumped out of me.

For starters – have you spotted Jesus in the mix throughout these first 18 chapters? He was present at Creation as the Word spoken – He is referenced several times as the “Angel of the Lord” – and even here in Chapter 18 He is present as one of the 3 visitors who ate with Abram. How do we know this? Because numerous verses (such as Col 1:17) speak of Jesus being present before the beginning. In this chapter – three strangers come to visit Abraham… one of which is addressed as the LORD (a name which typically signifies Jesus). How comforting to learn that Jesus didn’t simply show up in the manger for the first time. He has been present with God the Father and the Holy Spirit since before time began.

What does that say to me? That the way of salvation was planned before I was even born. The moment man fell dead in the garden, Jesus already was on His rescue mission. We serve an awesome God!

A second thing which jumped out at me is Gen 18:17. Here we are given insight into the reason the strangers are there… not JUST to tell Abram that Sarah was going to have a son – but also to check out the vile rampant sin that was present in Sodom. We see two of the three strangers make their way towards Sodom – yet the LORD hangs back and asks Himself a very important question:

Shall I hide from Abraham [My friend and servant] what I am going to do?” Gen 18:17 AMP

You see – God already knew what needed to be done in reference to Sodom. Yet, because His heart is to partner with mankind to rule the earth, He decides to share this secret information with Abraham (his Friend). Then, in a beautiful demonstration of grace – God allows Abraham to bargain for the city (and namely for his nephew Lot who lived in that city!) – even though God already knew there were not even 10 righteous people there. That is love!

God wants to share secrets with us… His friends. My desire – both for myself and for all of you – is that we would all become the type of friend like Abraham was…and that God will share His secrets with us.

Be Fruitful & Multiply,