As we continue to trace the Blessing throughout the lives of the family of Abraham – we reach young Joseph. The last of the twelve sons of Jacob, Joseph was the apple of his father’s eye. Jacob loved him and treated him as such. (Truthfully, all of Jacob’s sons were entitled to the same treatment as Joseph – yet surprisingly the other 11 chose to be hateful and judgmental – while Joseph simply loved and walked in the favor of his father… just like you and I today!).

As we read through Chapter 37 we see Joseph going out to deliver a message to his brothers from his father. While Joseph isn’t angry with how they have been treating him (choosing to not walk in strife), his brothers are jealous of the favor over their younger siblings life. (Remember the Philistines in Genesis 26:14?) The eleven brothers choose to attack Joseph – beat him – and throw him in a hole.

But God is watching… and His Blessing is on Joseph.

The Midianite and Ishmaelite caravan just happened to come along at that precise moment – giving the brothers opportunity to sell Joseph instead of leaving him in that hole to die. Then Joseph just happened to be sold to Potiphar, the Egyptian officer in Pharaoh’s court and captain of the guard. God was working for Joseph… as Joseph walked in the Blessing. He didn’t get mad – he didn’t strike out against his brothers – he simply trusted God.

By the time we reach Chapter 39 we see the effects of the Blessing on the life of Joseph – even as a slave. “But the Lord was with Joseph, and he [though a slave] was a successful and prosperous man;” – Gen 39:2 Remember – it wasn’t God who sold Joseph into slavery – it was his brothers. God was working on Joseph’s behalf.

Because of the Favor of the Lord on Joseph – all of Potiphar’s household began to prosper (vs 3). So Potiphar puts Joseph in charge of everything – with no direct supervision! That shows how evident the Blessing was in Joseph’s work – that Potiphar didn’t even need to check up on him! “From the time that he made him supervisor in his house and over all that he had, the Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house for Joseph’s sake; and the Lord’s blessing was on all that he had in the house and in the field.” – Gen 39:5 Because of Joseph – Potiphar prospered.

But Satan doesn’t give up easily… He hates God, hates the Blessing, and hates us who are receiving that Blessing.

So Potiphar’s wife begins to try and entice Joseph to sin. She works overtime to try and seduce him, but Joseph knows what she doesn’t. Obviously Joseph has been taught by Jacob that sin will kill. Even the small, seemingly insignificant sins can interrupt the Blessing in our lives and thwart what God wants to do in us and through us. Even when alone – Joseph chooses to walk in obedience to the Lord – because the Blessing his more valuable then the fleeting pleasure of sin.

In the end we see that Potiphar’s wife lies and Joseph is thrown into prison. But what does Joseph DO while in prison? He could have chosen to go the route most of us would have… complained about his situation, asked God “Why is this happening to me?”. Perhaps he could have even blamed God in his “Sovereignty” for allowing this unfortunate series of events to place him in prison. (God must be teaching me something!).

Joseph didn’t do any of those things. Instead – he kept obeying God, kept trusting Him, kept walking as a Blessed Man – believing he is Fruitful and will Multiply in anything he does. Because of that stance of faith, even in the midst of difficult circumstances, God worked on Joseph’s behalf.

But the Lord was with Joseph, and showed him mercy and loving-kindness and gave him favor in the sight of the warden of the prison” – Gen 39:21

Because of the Blessing at work in Joseph’s life – empowered by the steps of obedience that Joseph walked in – the prison warden ends up placing Joseph in charge over the entire prison! THAT is what happens when a man or woman of God conducts their life under God’s rule and makes choices of obedience to His Word.

Like Abraham, Issac, and Jacob – Joseph walked under the Blessing of the Lord… ‘Be Fruitful and Multiply!’. As he walked in obedience to the Lord – resisting the temptation to sin – the Lord worked behind the scenes on his behalf… and it was well for him. He trusted in the Word of Blessing spoken over him through his great-grandfather… and he was successful in all he did.

You and I are no different then Joseph…

Be Fruitful & Multiply,