Genesis Chapter 41… we are continuing to see the hand of God work behind the scenes on behalf of His blessed people. Joseph – the second youngest son of Jacob (Israel) has been mistreated by his jealous brothers and finds himself sold to Potiphar, a high ranking official in Egypt. Joseph has every opportunity to get angry, blame God, whatever – yet instead he just keeps trusting in the Lord to provide. What a great lesson that is for us!

Joseph interprets dreams. He assists Pharaoh’s butler as he is returned to the place he held before. Joseph asks the butler to remember him – yet, once he is out of the difficult situation, the butler forgets all about Joseph and his kindness toward him.

So Joseph waits… and finds favor…

Then Pharaoh dreams – and Joseph is presented with the opportunity he was been waiting for. The butler remembers Joseph, and Pharaoh asks for his dreams to be interpreted. The end result is that Joseph is brought out of the depths of the prison and elevated to the second in power in the whole nation of Egypt. Only God could have done something that amazing! All Joseph had to do was listen, trust, and stand in faith on what God had said.

So Joseph becomes a main voice of power for the most powerful nation on earth. Because he walks under the anointing of the Blessing, he succeeds in everything he puts his hand to. The Wisdom of the Lord goes before him, helping him make the best choices for any situation. Because of the Blessing in Joseph’s life – many other people will prosper as well. The entire nation of Egypt (who worship pagan god’s) will prosper as well – all as a result of Joseph’s obedience to the word of the Lord. Not only Egypt – but the entire world will be saved from starvation in the famine.

God always saves His people from famines.

Next, we are told that during the years of plenty, Joseph gets married and has two sons. (Interestingly Joseph marries the daughter of a Priest for a foreign cult). Joseph names the first born Manasseh and he names the younger Ephraim. As first born, Manasseh has the rights to a double portion of the blessing on Joseph’s life…

But the very name of the second born “Ephraim” should alert us that something different is happening here. The word “Ephraim” means “double fruitfulness”. Remember the Blessing spoken through Abraham, Issac, Jacob and down through Joseph? It was “Be Fruitful and Multiply!”. Now, here we see that same Blessings being once again passed on through Joseph and into his youngest son. Why the youngest? Why isn’t the first born named a “double fruitfulness”? This will make sense as we continue along.

The twelve son’s of Jacob become the 12 Tribes that make up the Nation of Israel. They are all included under the Blessing… but not all of them walk under that Promise. As a result – we will see much heartache and pain by these poor choices. In the same way – we are all descendants of this family… and our choices can either place us under the power of the Blessing – or remove us from it and place us in the position of curses.

I don’t know about you… but I want the double fruit of Ephraim!

Be Fruitful & Multiply,