While the name Genesis means “beginning” – the name Exodus means “exit” or “departure”. In Genesis we see the beginning of, not only all of creation, but of the Israelite people (through Abram) and the beginning of God’s plan of salvation for a fallen humanity. In Exodus, that plan continues in the rescue and redemption of the Israelites from Egypt.

As the second book of the Bible opens – our story has moved 400 years into the future. This fulfills a word spoken by God to Abram in Genesis 15:13 where He told him his descendants would endure oppression for 400 years. Jacob and all of his sons have died, and several generations had passed. Gone was Joseph and his legacy with Pharaoh. Gone were the other brothers and the kindness they enjoyed as the family of the Vicar of Egypt. In fact – a new Pharaoh comes to power who knew nothing of Joseph and the events of the famine. To him they were just words in a history book!

But as we can see, even with that generation passed, the Blessing is still at work in the lives of their ancestry. Exodus 1:7 says “But the descendants of Israel were fruitful and increased abundantly; they multiplied and grew exceedingly strong, and the land was full of them.” The Blessing to be fruitful and multiply was still in operation 400 years later!

This speaks such volumes to me about how God works:

  1. God will not forget His promises. His promise to bless Abraham was not forgotten while the Israelites were living in Egypt for 400 years. God continued to provide for them so much that they increased in number… to become exceedingly strong!
  1. My obedience can benefit my children. As I lead my family in the ways of the Lord, it will cause the Blessing to encamp around my home and will create a lasting effect that will provide long after my wife and I are gone. Our girls will walk in that same Blessing – as long as they obey as we have modeled for them!
  2. The world is jealous of the Blessing! As we have already seen several times in such people as Laban towards Jacob and the brothers towards Joseph – most people will be jealous of the Blessing of the Lord in our lives. The new Pharaoh grew jealous and threatened by the Blessing causing the Israelites to multiply. The end result was slavery.

Once again – God did not put His own people into slavery… Pharaoh did. It was the Blessing which caused them to grow and multiply – and it was the same Blessing which drew the ire of the Egyptians, causing them to treat the Jews harshly.

Yet, with all of that – God prepared a rescue operation!

Be Fruitful & Multiply,