The next chapter of Leviticus deals with another type of offering the Priests would make for the people of Israel… it was called the Grain (Cereal) Offering.

When anyone offers a cereal offering to the Lord…” – Lev 2:1

Now notice how God details the exact ingrediants for this offering? Not only how to mix it and how to apply it to the altar – but also the exact ingredients that make up the offering itself? What is the purpose for these ingredients? What does it all mean? We already know that everything in God’s Word is for us – so what is God trying to tell the Israelites (and ultimately us) through these details?

Well, lets look briefly at the four ingredients and what they represent:

  1. Fine Flour (vs 1) – In order to make the typical flour mixture “fine” it would require a LOT of work by the preparer! This is to symbolize excellence… God only wanted their BEST. No half-hearted offering accepted.
  2. Oil (vs 1) – In the Bible, oil is a symbol of God’s anointed presence and the power of His Holy Spirit. The command by God is to drench this offering with oil – as drenching it with His presence and Anointing Spirit!
  3. Incense (vs 2) – The particular type of incense God calls for in this offering is frankincense. What it interesting about that herb is that it does not give off it’s aroma until it has been crushed and beaten. This foreshadows another Offering who will give off a pleasing aroma after He is crushed and beaten…
  1. Yeast (vs 4,11) – God then commands them to not allow any yeast or honey in the mixture. These are symbols of corruption (yeast) and decay (honey – which sours with time). Both of these are a symbol of sin… no sin in this offering!

These ingredients are not just a random list for the Israelites to gather… they play a much bigger, deeper role! All of this points (once again) to Jesus – who will eventually come and deal with the sin and separation once and for all (Heb 9:26).

Jesus is perfect (like fine flour).

Jesus is anointed (like the oil)

Jesus gave off a pleasing aroma after being beaten (like frankincense).

Jesus contained no sin (like yeast & honey).

One final thought… Grain comes from the earth. The people couldn’t “make” it grow – it just did, by the hand of God. To offer up a grain offering was to “give back to God” after He gave them so much (such as rain).

Is it an accident that the Grain Offering immediately follows the Burnt Offering?

The Burnt offering covers my sin… then the Grain offering is my reaction to that forgiveness – I want to give back to God out of what He has given me.

Again… Jesus.

Be Fruitful & Multiply,