Let’s review…

In Lev 1 – we are told about the Burnt Offering. Blood – sacrifice – penalty – leaning on the lamb – forgiveness.

In Lev 2 – we are told about the Grain Offering. Fine Flour – Oil – Incense – Yeast – Salt – Surrender – Comittment.

We learned that one sacrifice follows the other. First you recognize that your sins are forgiven – then you make a statement of commitment to God.

Now in Lev 3 we see a third offering – the Free-Will Offering (also known as a Peace Offering).

While the first 2 offerings are commandments – this offering is an invitation. After you have made atonement for your sins (Burnt Offering) and after you have recommitted your ways to the Lord (Grain Offering) – THEN you are invited to enter into fellowship with Him. (Peace – Free-will)

In this offering you give God your very best – the FAT PORTIONS. The fat and meat were delicacies in those days. Reserved for the very best part of the meal. God says burn them as an offering to Him. This is a confession of love – devotion – from the heart.

After you burn the fat portions… what do you do with the leftovers?

According to Deut 12:4-7 – after you offer your Free-Will Offering… you eat with family and friends – rejoice – throw a party!

So the concept is this: Offer a Burnt Offering (Forgiveness) – then offer a Grain Offering (Commitment) – then, if you would like, offer a Free-Will Offering (Devotion) and throw a party with the leftovers!

That is a natural reaction… ForgivenessCommitmentParty.

Solomon follows this order when dedicating the Temple in 1 Kings 8:64.

Forgiveness Commitment Party.

(You cannot have the Party without Forgiveness and Commitment.)

Does this sound like Jesus to you?

Jesus offers us forgiveness on the cross – invites us to commit our lives to Him – then tells us to gather with others and remember Him in fellowship.

In Matt 26:26-28 – Jesus gathers with His disciples for a final meal. There He takes wine (as a symbol of His blood) – and bread (symbol of His body) and shares them with His closest followers.

Do you see it?

Wine – Blood – Sacrifice – Burnt Offering – Forgiveness Lev 1

Bread – Grain – Provision – Commitment Lev 2

A Meal – Fellowship – Free-Will – Peace Lev 3

There is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood. (Heb 9:22)

There is no provision from God without a commitment. (John 8:51)

There is no peace without Jesus. (John 14:27)

Wow… suddenly Communion isn’t just a ritual you do on the 1st Sunday of the month!

Be Fruitful & Multiply,