In the first 8 chapters of Leviticus we have been given instructions by God on how to “come near” to Him . These instructions involve blood, priests, animal sacrifices, substitutionary rituals.

In Lev 9 the Lord gives some detailed instructions – and then couples them with a promise:

… for today the Lord will appear to you.”Lev 9:4

Basically – if you follow these instructions – then I will appear before you and you will see me!


The first step is to gather all the people together. This is huge – because something amazing is going to happen and it won’t happen until everywhere is there to witness it.

Scripture teaches this in other places as well – this gathering together.

Ex 19:3-11 – “all the people”

Neh 8:1-6 – “all the people gathered as one man and listened attentively…”

Acts 2:1-4 – “As they were all together – the fire of Pentecost fell…”

It seems that whenever all of God’s people gathered together in one place – He shows up and does amazing things!

(No wonder Heb 10:25 says what is does!)


The second step was obedience (Lev 9:5-12)

God is not impressed with ritualistic religion – but with obedience. Aaron doesn’t waiver one bit from what God told him to do.

God loves obedience (1 John has a lot to say about this!).


And finally – the people came expecting God to appear. They trusted that what He said – He will do! That sort of expectation always proves results!

With these ingredients in place – the Lord shows up in FIRE! (Lev 9:23-24).


So – hopefully you are starting to get the picture of Leviticus.

It isn’t the priests…

It isn’t the rituals…

It isn’t the blood or sacrifices…

The real point of Leviticus is God appearing through all of this!



You can have all the ritual & procedures & sacrifice

but until you see God show up – you have nothing!


Be Fruitful & Multiply,