If you have been reading along with me – a Chapter a Day – then you should have spent the past 15 days plowing your way through the Book of Leviticus. This is the area of the Bible where most Christians, after starting out with such high hopes and good intentions, start to wane in their commitment to make it through the entire Bible. The book is laced with customs and rituals that are strange to our ears – and quite frankly do not make much sense!

Beyond that – the past 4 chapters have indeed been the strangest chapters in the entire Bible! Lev 12-15 deal with all sorts of disgusting situations and how they are to be dealt with by the Priests as they perform their duties before God in the midst of the Israelites. But – as with the rest of it – there ARE purposes even for these chapters (as I hope to make clear to you).

First, what are the main topics of these 4 strange chapters?

Lev 12 – deals with ritual purification after a woman’s monthly period or childbirth.

Lev 13 – deals with the cleansing of infectious skin diseases.

Lev 14 – deals with more details for skin diseases – and then discusses how to cleanse from mildews on clothing, tents, etc.

Lev 15 – deals with bodily discharges and other unpleasant situations.


Ok… so now you’re thinking…

That was fun. What in the world is PK gonna do with this?”


The key verse is Lev 15:31: “Thus you shall separate the Israelites from their uncleanness, lest they die in their uncleanness by defiling My tabernacle that is in the midst of them.”

The point of all of this is that there is something about God’s Presence that He cannot allow these various natural occurrences to come near Him. (These are not necessarily acts of sin – just things that happen to humans in nature). God wants His people to wait – allow the natural occurrence to heal, dissipate – and then wash themselves before returning to His presence.



Well, look at what the four main points in the chapters all have in common.

      1. Women’s menstrual cycle and Man’s discharge (Lev 12 & 15) – Both are instruments of LIFE which have not followed their natural course – but instead these occurrences represent life unrealized!
      2. Infectious Skin Diseases (Lev 13) – Again, the skin is a living organism in our bodies. It regenerates completely every 35-45 days (we get new skin). It is a beautiful symbol of new LIFE. Yet these type of skin diseases represent the skin dying – life unrealized!
      3. Mildew on Garments (Lev 14) – As par the course – rot & mildew are all signs of death and the curse. They eventually will completely overcome and destroy the article.


In all of these we see perfect symbols of something that WAS alive and life-giving… but is now reduced to wasted potential and destruction.

But that is not how God is at all.

The Bible is replete with statements about God being the Creator of LIFE! He brings life into dead situations – He doesn’t destroy, but brings overflowing LIFE (John 10:10).

He even went as far as redeeming us from the Curse of Genesis 3. (Gal 3:13).

God is not connected with death at all – He is LIFE!

So He is setting up practical lessons to teach His people very early on this major principle. He is not a God of death – but LIFE. So they must not come before Him during signs of death… but wait… wash… and then return to Him with LIFE.


Which brings up great questions for us all today.

As followers of Jesus – we are made in the image of God – and our main purpose is to reflect this God throughout the entire world.

A world of death and curse.

But if we speak, listen to, associate with things that represent death, the curse, etc – then we are NOT reflecting the God of life at all.

In fact – we are actually reflecting the OPPOSITE of Him.


In Leviticus – God is teaching this newly formed nation of ex-slaves about Himself and what He is really like. The hope is that in generations to follow these people won’t stray into the ungodly habits of their neighbors – developing wrong perspectives about their God and what He represents.

So in many ways – Leviticus is still pertains to us today.



Be Fruitful & Multiply,