Wrapping up the book of Numbers – we see some final instructions from God for His people as they make last minute plans to enter the Promise Land. The fighting men are counted – as well, future plans are made for the dividing up of the land according to tribes. Along with all of that – we have seen the death of Aaron – and the upcoming death of Moses himself. Because of his disobedience to God (by striking the rock instead of simply speaking to it as God had said) – Moses has been told he will not be permitted to enter the Promised Land either… but will die on the mountain.

Next up comes one of my favorite books – Deuteronomy. The name in Hebrew means “Words” – but in English it is based on a mistranslation into a Greek word that means “second law”. The point is still the same… the book is basically a rehashing of the journey of the Israelites in Exodus and Numbers – along with a synopsis of the law given in Leviticus.

Deuteronomy is a collection of 3 sermons given by Moses on the final day of his life. Moses has been told by God that he will not be traveling with the Israelites across the Jordan into the Promised Land. Instead – Moses will die and Joshua will lead them. (Moses even attempts to reason with God about this in the opening chapters of this book… but to no avail). Therefore – Moses is taking every step he can to ensure these people remember the commands of the Lord and obey Him without Moses to guide them.

What I like about this book is that there are two major sections which hold great importance. The first is found in chapter 6 – referred to as the Shema. This is a very important section of scripture to the Jewish people – and we will discuss it’s significance in the next couple of days. The other major part of this book is found in the 28th chapter. It is here that we are given detailed analysis of both the Blessing and the Curse… which provide a foundation for much of the Word of God that follows.

Deuteronomy is the final book in the Torah – the foundational teaching for all Jewish people. As you read it – imagine yourself sitting with all of the other Israelites, listening to Moses explain this law and encouraging you to continue to obey God in your future journey and eventual conquest of the Promise Land!

Be Fruitful & Multiply,