As we have done several times already – it is encouraging to find the thread of Jesus interwoven throughout the Old Testament scriptures. In Deuteronomy 18 we, once again, see a prophetic word spoken which, not only is meant for the individual people/nation being addressed at that present time – but also an encouraging word for all of mankind… on down to our own day.

I will raise up for them a prophet (Prophet) from among their brethren like you, and will put My words in his mouth; and he shall speak to them all that I command him.”Deut 15:18 AMP

This amazing announcement from Moses comes right on the heels of a warning to the Israelites. This warning is for them not to gain their understanding and direction from soothsayers, charmers, those who use divination, or any other sort of ‘magic’ (which is fed by evil). Moses explains that the people who currently possess Canaan have been in the habit of practicing these sort of things – and that is why they are being displaced. The Lord is setting up this nation of people to be different from those around them… and this includes how they are led in everyday decisions.

After this warning… the Lord (through Moses) tells the people He will be sending them a Prophet – who will speak to them in the same manner Moses has… giving them direction, speaking on the Lord’s behalf, revealing the Word of the Lord to them. Who is this “Prophet” to whom Moses is referring?

This is a perfect example in Scripture for what is known as the Law of Double Reference. We see this over and over again throughout the Bible – a passage is saying two things at the same time. In this situation, I believe the “Prophet” spoken of is not only referring to all of the prophets who will begin to come to Israel over the following generations to direct them back toward Yahweh… but also it is referring to Jesus – who will come as the ultimate Prophet – to guide Israel back to the Father as a Shepherd guides His sheep.

Listen how the Prophet is described in Chapter 18; “one of thy brethren”, “just like Moses”, “God’s words in his mouth”, “he will speak all that I command him”. This clearly is speaking of the line of prophets who will come to Israel and speak the oracles of the Lord. These prophets came from the Israelite people – and were rejected by the nation – and their words are recorded in the Prophetic section of the Old Testament.

But, there is also a deeper meaning to this passage – of which is of vital importance to us today. It is Peter, during his famous sermon on the Day of Pentecost, who first connects Jesus to this “Prophet” spoken of by Moses.

 “Thus Moses said to the forefathers, The Lord God will raise up for you a Prophet from among your brethren as [He raised up] me; Him you shall listen to and understand by hearing and heed in all things whatever He tells you. And it shall be that every soul that does not listen to and understand by hearing and heed that Prophet shall be utterly exterminated from among the people.“Acts 3:22-23 AMP

Stephen also makes the same connection just prior to being stoned to death by an angry mob in Acts 7.

This is just another example of the majestic love God has for us. Way back at the start of human history – as we struggled to follow His way of life – God had a plan to make a way for us. Even as we rejected Him – scoffed at the prophets whom He sent to warn us – God still kept that plan in motion. Knowing all along that we would ignore the Ultimate Prophet – (and even kill Him) – “God still demonstrated His great love for us, that even while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

Jesus operated in the three main offices; Prophet, Priest, and King. As we read through the Word of God together – try to keep your eyes open for other places where the coming Redeemer is mentioned. When you find them – reflect on how great God’s love really is.

Be Fruitful & Multiply,