“Moses, my servant, is dead.”

That is how the leadership of Joshua begins. With God – the past is the past – and now is the time to move forward. The Book of Joshua picks right up where the Torah ended. Moses has been leading these people for the past 40 years – and has brought them right up to the doorstep of Canaan. The entire nation is encamped along the Jordan River – right across from the fortified city of Jericho (with it’s infamous thick walls). After God buries Moses up on the mountain, He immediately turns to his assistant Joshua and instructs him to prepare to finish the job of taking the land God has promised all along. The instructions that God gives Joshua on how to fulfill the promise God made is two-fold.

First, God reminds Joshua to be strong and courageous. He tells Him not to fear – but instead to trust Him. As God led Moses, so will He lead Joshua as well. He also tells him:

Every place upon which the sole of your foot shall tread, that have I given to you, as I promised Moses.”Josh 1:3 AMP

Now this promise from God is not just an open-ended one. God isn’t telling Joshua that he can just go off kilter and expect God to make it all work out. For immediately after this verse, God sets boundaries for where Joshua is to tread.

Many Christians will quote this verse to support the erroneous notion that God is just following them around waving his magic wand and making all obstacles get out of their way. Instead, the correct way to look at this is that God is leading Joshua along a prescribed route – and that as long as Joshua follows the Lord and obeys His every word, then every place he walks the Lord will give to him.

Which leads us to the second part of God’s instructions to Joshua.

This Book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it. For then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall deal wisely and have good success.Josh 1:8 AMP

With the recently completed Law in his possession, Joshua is reminded by the Lord to not just discard it and forget about it. In fact, God tells Joshua that he is to keep it in his mouth and heart constantly. God tells Joshua that the keys to his success is not in his mighty battle plans, nor in his good looks or charisma – but instead is in his ability to trust in the Lord and carefully follow His instructions. In order to follow those instructions, Joshua must constantly put those instructions into his heart by reading them every day and observe them in his daily decision making. God knows that man is inclined for forget – so He keeps reminding Joshua of this fact (just as He did with Moses).

This principle is the same for us. We cannot expect any form of success in our lives without first applying the Word of God to our every situation. Applying the Word of God requires us to know that Word. Almost all of the problems and frustrations Christians face today and based on their not knowing what God has said in His Word – and then not applying it to their lives. Like Joshua – we have been given instructions on how to execute and fulfill the promises of God in our lives. God has plans for us and wants us to take possession of a good land… but in order to do that we MUST follow His lead. The way we follow His lead is to invest our lives into studying and knowing His way of life (as defined in His Word).

Then, and only then, will we find success and prosper in all that we set our hands to.

Just like Joshua.

Be Fruitful & Multiply,