As we read through the final stages of Joshua – it can be daunting to find deeper meaning within these past few chapters. Yes, it is clear that God is with Joshua as he leads the Israelites on the unfinished campaign of clearing the Promised Land. As we discussed in the last post, there were very good reasons why the Israelites were instructed to wipe the Canaanites off the face of the earth. (After all – the land had already “vomited them out”). The call to holiness and the dire need to follow the Lord’s ways is obvious – not only for them, but for us today as well.

There was even a clear message behind the trickery of the Gibeonites – who pretended to be someone they were not and convinced Joshua to make a covenant of peace with them. Instead of obeying God and removing ALL of the Canaanites from the land – Joshua made a pact of peace with a portion who would serve them as slaves – but also be a future thorn in their sides. Again – obey the word of the Lord.

But – it is a bit more of a struggle to glean from the allotment of the land to the various tribes. I have heard teachers wax eloquently about this being a metaphorical picture of our future allotment in heaven, etc. Sure, that may make some sense… but it really just left me skimming through the names of cities long forgotten and of which I could not even pronounce, had I tried!

Until I read the following little verse tucked away at the end of Chapter 21:

There failed no part of any good thing which the Lord had promised to the house of Israel; all came to pass.”Josh 21:45 AMP

What a promise that is! That should fill you up with encouragement as you continue reading! God’s promises will ALWAYS come to pass in the lives of His people – as long as they continue in His ways. As we have seen, as long as the Israelites follow the instructions – everything worked out great. BUT, when they chose a different path (Achan… I’m talking to you here!) then things did not go so well.

In this world we live in we are subtly (and not so subtly) taught that there is nothing we can absolutely count on. We are fed a continuous diet of skepticism and a lack of trust. The economy will fail – other people will fail – even the weathermen will probably fail you… but, here we have been reading about One who will never fail to keep His promises. We do not have to make things happen – we are simply told to walk in His ways and watch Him work all things out for our good.

So, as you continue to read – finishing up the life of Joshua and entering the establishment of a new government – keep in mind the ebb and flow of obedience… coupled with the results of those choices; and may you been strengthened in your resolve to take God at His Word – trust Him to make your crooked paths straight – and walk in faith that “no part of any good think which the Lord has promised to you will come to pass”!

Be Fruitful & Multiply,