How disheartening it is to watch this threat against David’s kingdom take hold in 2 Samuel 16. As we read through the life of David there are times when we are brought to tears as he demonstrates his great love for his Lord… and there are other times when we want to jump up and shout as he is victories over the enemies of God’s people. Through all of the ups and downs – I think there are times when many of us can relate to David as a man. Reading the results of his mistakes could perhaps be one of those times.

David has gone from hiding in a cave – to establishing his throne over all of Israel – to now, once again, running for his life (this time not from Saul – but from his own son). Nathan had spoken in prophecy that the things we are seeing happen in David’s life are the direct result of his choice to sin with Bathsheba (2 Sam 12:10-14). In fact – one example of a direct prophecy fulfilled is from the following of Nathan’s foreboding declaration:

Thus says the Lord, Behold, I will raise up evil against you out of your own house; and I will take your wives before your eyes and give them to your neighbor, and he shall lie with your wives in the sight of this sun.” 2 Sam 12:11 AMP

Now (as we have already discussed) – just because it reads “I will take” does not mean we can literally attribute these acts as directly from the Lord. This prophecy from Nathan is God’s way of explaining to David what is going to happen as a result of HIS choice. In Chapter 16 we see this come to pass as Ahithophel counsels Absalom to desecrate David’s wives. It was Ahithophel who brought this to pass (not God). Coincidentally – Ahithophel is the grandfather of Bathsheba – and perhaps he was seeking revenge against David for destroying his daughters life and killing her husband? Either way – this is another clear example of sinful actions causing heartache.

Obviously we can know that God is not orchestrating these consequences as punishment for David’s sin with Bathsheba. We know this because God has already said He has “put away David’s sin”(12:13). Instead what is happening is that the natural results of sin have been unleashed by David’s unwise decision – all of which God knew was going to happen – and spoke it to David through His prophet, Nathan.

Taking it further – the place where Absalom does his evil deed is in a “tent upon the top of David’s house” (16:22) – which is exactly where David first lusted after Bathsheba to start this mess! Right out under the very same sun for all of Israel to see (just as Nathan predicted).

Another example of things happening that God knew (but did not actually cause) is what happens next to this distraught king. As David fees Jerusalem – with all of his mighty men – he is suddenly accosted by a weak elderly beggar – who curses him and throws dust at him. (Throwing dust at another was an ancient way of showing anger and contempt, of wishing trouble and grief to come upon someone so that they would feel like covering himself with dust and dying of sorrow – as in Acts 22:23). This man “of the house of Saul” held deep contempt for David and took this opportunity to show it.

When some of David’s mighty men asked to be allowed to correct this situation – David wrongly attributed this act to God. Yes, David was humbled and extremely repentant for his sin – but he was also heaping condemnation upon himself that God had already stated He wasn’t doing to David. Furthermore – it says in the Law that no one shall “curse the ruler of they people”; so in order for God to be behind this cursing He would have to violate His own law (of which He would never do).

Much of the “bad theology” that people walk around with is based on this type of incomplete knowledge of the Word of God. As we have seen numerous times throughout our study of the OT – not everything that is attributed as “from God” actually originates with Him. The Bible records both the good and bad actions of people – along with their faulty thinking in regards to certain situations. (This is what verifies it’s authenticity!). One thing we can see as a constant though – is that sin brings death… every time.

Be Fruitful & Multiply,