modern worshipAs we read through 1-2 Chronicles, it can seen that we are simply rehashing details and scenes which we just went over in 1-2 Samuel. But (as previously discussed) – that is not the case at all. While the former was the perspective of man – it is 1-2 Chronicles which accounts these circumstances from God’s perspective. We see basically the same events – yet given to us with broader plans and purposes in mind.

In 1 Chronicles 15 we see some precise details provided in the musicians/worshipers of Israel. While in 2 Samuel 6 we read about King David moving the Ark of the Covenant (which holds God’s Presence) into Jerusalem – yet the focus was more on the how it was moved and the other details. (Mainly the fact that David disobeyed the Lord’s instructions to Moses on how to properly transport the ark – and instead he used a new cart, which led the the untimely death of Uzziah). Yet, in 1 Chronicles 15, we see these details only casually mentioned – and instead are focused on the seemingly meaningless account of how many musicians there were and who those musicians were.

Why the difference?

Remembering that this is now the account from God’s point of view, perhaps we can address a bigger question about worship/music in church. Is it a small detail – just the “pre-service” to kill time until we get to the real preaching of the Word, or is it more than that?

Obviously – from God’s perspective in 1 Chronicles 15, we can see that great detail was provided in the worship of God’s people. Not only the exact number of musicians required, but who they were as well. These musicians were given exact job descriptions – from playing instruments such as the harp and cymbals, to singing in 3 different choirs. These 3 choirs were made up of the Levites (vs 16-19); the Alamoth or maiden’s choir (vs 20), and the men singers (vs 21). These 3 choirs would have been interspersed throughout the instrumentalists – provided a cacophony of music and voices in praise to the Lord. In great procession, these musicians would lead the Ark of the Covenant out of the home of Obed-edom and into the city of Jerusalem.

Notice, as well, how the Scripture describes the atmosphere;

Thus all Israel brought up the ark of the covenant of the Lord with shouting, sound of the cornet, trumpets, and cymbals, sounding aloud with harps and lyres. “ – 1 Chr 15:28 AMP

This seems such a far cry from what we see in most of our churches these days. Instead of descriptive words like “shouting”, “sounding aloud” and using “cymbals and trumpets” – we see organs and music that seems more like a funeral dirge then a celebration. Where the Israelites were dancing and twirling around, our churches are filled with “worshipers” who nod in agreement and sing in soft somber tones. An even bigger issue is that the account in 1 Chronicles 15 is describing the transporting of God’s Presence… yet today we have His Presence dwelling within us!

Perhaps it is US who need the adjust our ways? Perhaps David and the Israelites knew much more than we do about the Lord and His ways? Perhaps our feeble attempts at piety and our religious meetings have strayed so far away from what God originally intended that we all end up coming across more like Micah despising in the window then the king dancing in the streets?


Be Fruitful & Multiply,