finding_jesusAs we finish with Esther – and prepare to begin the book of Job (coincidentally the most misunderstood book in the Bible) – let’s pause for a moment and recap a bit. Thus far, as we have read from Genesis to Esther, we have learned much about God and His character. We have seen that He is holy and requires holiness in His Presence. As well, we have learned that He is just and kind and gentle and full of mercy… giving second, third, continuous chances to those whom He loves. We have seen His faithfulness to Abraham – even down to future countless generations, and have seen His loyalty to a people who seem to reject Him at every turn.

God has taken the form of a doting Father, all the way to a jilted Lover… yet we have been amazed at how many times He keeps coming back – willing to forgive and wipe the slate clean. We have watched Him rescue a people – HIS people – time and time again, despite the fact that He knows they will undoubtedly turn their back on Him the first chance they get. That is the God we have been introduced to thus far.

But, along with this portrait of our God, and mixed in to the history of a group of people called the Israelites… there has been another thread woven within the fibers of every book… that thread is Jesus. He is there – in every turn… as long as you know where to find Him. We will find out in the NT that Jesus has been in existence from the beginning (He didn’t just come about on the first Christmas morning!). If you take time to look you can find Him all throughout the Hebrew Bible.

So before we tackle Job… let’s take a moment and do just that…

In Genesis – He is The Seed of the Woman. Predicted futuristically the He will crush the head of Satan with His heel on the cross. (Gen 3:15).

In ExodusHe is The Passover Lamb – whose shed blood cleanses from sin. (Ex 12:12-13; John 1:29).

In Leviticus– He is My Great High Priest – making intercession on our behalf before the throne of God. (Lev 21:10; Heb 4:14)

In Numbers He is the Pillar of smoke by day, fire by night – leading us through the desert and into the Promised Land. (Num 9:17).

In Deuteronomy He is A Prophet liken unto Moses – who leads God’s people out of slavery and into freedom!(Deut 18:15; Acts 7).

In Joshua He is The Captain of my Salvation – who leads us in victory over our enemies. (Jos 5:14; Heb 2:10).

In Judges He is My Judge and Law Giver – who is able to save and to destroy. (James 4:12).

In Ruth He is My Kinsman Redeemer – who lifted me from destitution and poverty – and took me as His own. (Ruth 4:14;         Col 1:13-14).

In 1-2 Samuel He is the Trusted Prophet – who came speaking exactly what the Father told Him to speak. (1 Sam 9:9; Matt 21:11).

In Kings – Chronicles He is the Reigning King – but unlike many of the prototypes, Jesus was a fair and just King – obeying God perfectly. (1 Tim 6:15).

In Ezra He is The Faithful Scribe – who leads us out of our captivity. (Ezra 4).

In Nehemiah He is the Re-builder of the broken down walls in human lives.

And in Esther He is Mordecai – who was exalted to the second seat of power, where He works for the welfare of God’s people.     (Esth 10:2-3; Heb 1:3).


You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me” Jesus (John 5:39)

Be Fruitful & Multiply,