thats-what-he-saidIn the first 2 chapters of Job we see proof of Job’s limited revelation into the character of God. In chapter 1 – we are told that Satan attempts to get God to persecute Job (which God does not do). Satan ends up doing it himself – and Job’s entire life come sunder satanic assault. At the end of this first assault, Job makes the following statement; “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away”Job 1:21 AMP. Now, thanks to our inside knowledge, we know that the Lord has taken nothing from job… it was all Satan. (In fact – the Lord actually protects Job by limiting Satan from actually killing Job). This statement from Job has been touted by Biblically illiterate Christians for generations as an excuse to remain under the Curse, yet it is spoken out of Job’s limited perspective. (This is not counted against Job as sin due to there being no Law to count against yet (Job 1:22; Rom 5:13).

The second misstatement from Job happens in chapter 2. Satan has returned to the Lord and then hurries off for his next round of attacks on Job. While Job refused to blame God – this round of attacks was too much for his ungodly wife… who encouraged him to “curse God and die”Job 2:9. Under this wave of affliction, Job makes his second revealing statement; “What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?”Job 2:10 KJV. As we have already seen numerous times throughout the revelation of Scripture, God does not send evil. Job is speaking out of his limited perspective – and we Christians today would be best to not repeat it as from the Lord.

Finis Jennings Dake has a great commentary regarding these two misstatements from Job:

“Job was like many others who think that sickness, disease, calamity and other evils come from God, and Satan has nothing to do with them. Some declare that these are the heritage of believers, and those who go through them are in the perfect will of God. It is true that Christians experience tests of faith, persecutions, injustices and trials of life but they are not required to suffer sickness, disease or poverty in order to be saved and in the will of God. The tests Joseph went through in Egypt (Gen 39-41), Stephen suffered of the Jews (Acts 7), and Paul experienced (2 Cor 11) – were all caused by evil men – not by God. God was not responsible for them – He helped them go through the things heaped upon them by Satan and his agents. We do not need to experience sickness, disease, poverty, and accidents in order to learn what we should know, from God. We have been given examples in the Word to go by – Job, Asa, Hezekiah, and many more. One can best glorify God by learning through these and becoming an example himself – one experiencing God’s blessings by being kept from such troubles and sufferings. There are enough sinners and unbelievers giving us examples without Christians going through needless sufferings”.

It is important to remember that in making these two incorrect statements about God, Job did not sin with his lips (1:22; 2:10). But, as we shall soon find out, eventually Job does allow his circumstances to lead him into sinning. Job made choices in his life through which he inadvertently allowed Satan access… and next we will explore one of those open doors.


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