Psalm 1With the conclusion of Job – we also come to the end of the section of the Bible called the History Books.  Next we enter into the longest book of the Bible – the Psalms.  The title comes to us from the Greek word “Psalmoi” which means “songs” – and that is what they are… songs from various musicians throughout the nation of Israel who loved the Lord and worshiped Him through music.  Most of these songs are written by David – the warrior king who possessed the heart of a worshiper.  We have already read how David established the Temple worship – overseeing the building of over 4000 instruments to be used in making music to the LORD (1 Chr 23:5).  Along with David, many of these psalms (songs) are written by Asaph – as well as Moses, Solomon, and others.

The Hebrew title for this book is “Sepher Tehillim” and that means “The Book of Praises”.  In its original writing, the Book of Praises is divided into 5 sections (possibly to correlate with the 5 book of the Torah).  Section #1 is called the Genesis Book and it contains the first 41 psalms.  Its general theme focuses on man and his relationship with God.  As in Genesis – it begins with Blessings (Ps 1)… followed by the Fall (Ps 2-15)… and ends with Hope through the redemption in Jesus (Ps 16-41).

Right out of the gate Psalm 1 provides us a clear distinction between an individual who operates under the Blessing and one who operates under the Curse.  As in Gen 1 – the story begins with Blessing… from God unto Man.  Every man is afforded the opportunity to live under the Blessing of the LORD – yet that doesn’t come by default.  The individual who remains under the Blessing of the LORD is the one who “delights in the Lord; and meditates on His Word day and night” (Ps 1:2).  This does not mean that they sit reading the Bible all day/night long… but it means that their mind is filled with the thoughts of the LORD and their hearts are captured by what captures His heart.

The basic meaning of the word “delight” is “purpose or desire” – and it points to what drives the man under the Blessing.  His desire is to fill himself with the things which the LORD desires.  The man under the Blessing is not surrounding himself with the world or things which God hates… but instead is acquainted with God on every level of his life.  He does not walkstand – nor sit in the counsel of those who do not know the LORD… but instead gains his counsel from a daily diet of the Word.  The man who does this will live as a tree planted in a well-watered garden… sprouting green leaves and prospering in everything that he does (Ps 1:3).

In the exact opposite picture – the man who does not live like described above is a man who is positioning himself under the effects of the Curse.  That man enjoys the same things which entertain those under the Curse with him… and will reap the bounty of the Curse… in sickness – poverty – and emotional distress (among other things).  As opposed to the first man who sprouts up like a green tree – this man will dry up and blow away like chaff or dead leaves (Ps 1:4).  The chaff is the dry, husky part of the wheat kernel – completely worthless and with no sustaining ability.  When the wheat is tossed into the air – the wind blows the chaff portion away and the kernel falls back to the ground to be used.  So this man has very little value and is easily blown away by the wind of circumstances.

One man has deep roots – green leaves – able to withstand any storm which happens to come his way… while the other man is dried up and has no depth – easily destroyed by even the slightest breeze or problem.

The implications for us here are obvious:  The characteristics of one who is under the Blessing is that they delight in the LORD – love to talk about His ways – love to be around His people – and love to be in His Word… while the characteristics of the man under the Curse will miss church for even the smallest attraction – feels more comfortable around non-believers – and is easily bored by the Word of God.  The end game for these two types of people couldn’t be clearer.

Be Fruitful & Multiply,