psalm-37We serve a God who loves to give.  To read through the Word and miss that fact is to close your eyes to what you are reading.   All throughout the Scriptures we are introduced to a God who enjoys blessing His people, works overtime to bless His people, has removed all obstacles to blessing His people, and who desires to continuously bless His people.  In fact – entwined within the typical OT examples of God NOT blessing His people, there is always sin which inhibits that Blessing from flowing.

     Psalm 37 is another beautiful example of this character of God we have described.  As are many others, this Psalm is written by David – a man who overflowed with love for his Creator.  It is literally packed with Promises that God has made toward His people – and if we will only learn to walk within the confines of those Promises, our lives would become abundantly better (John 10:10).

     Let’s take a quick look at the Promises outlined in Psalm 37 and how they transfer to us in our modern society:

1.       1.  We will dwell in the land forever (v3).  Safety, security, protection, provision.

2.       2.  We will be fed (v3). 

3.       3.  God will give us the desires (and secret petitions) of our hearts (v4). 

4.      4.   God will bring His plan to pass in our lives (v5).  The result of committing our way to Him.

5.     5.    God will establish our right relationship just as the light of day is established (v6).

6.     6.    God will secure His judgment of right and wrong upon the earth (v6).

7.      7.   We will inherit the earth (v 9).

8.       8.  We will delight in an abundance of peace (v11).

9.     9.    The Lord will uphold us (v17).

           10.  Our inheritance or heritage will exist forever (v18).

           11.  We will not be put to shame in times of evil (v19).  Like today!

           12.  We will be satisfied in times of famine (v19).  When others are going without – we will have plenty.

           13.  We will not be cast down if we fall (v24).

           14.  God will never forsake us (v28).

           15.  We will be preserved forever (v28).  Preserved means “to be hedged about or protected”.

           16.  None of the steps of those who have the Law of God in their hearts, shall slide (v31).

           17.  We will not be left in the hands of the wicked (v33).

           18.  We will not be condemned (v33).

           19.  We will have a happy ending (v37).

           20.  We will be saved (v39).

           21.  Strength from God when in trouble (v39).

           22.  Help and deliverance from God (v40).


Sit back and think on those Promises for a while… it will bring a smile to your face and a skip in your step!



Be Fruitful & Multiply,