the-book-of-JeremiahIn the year 586 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar invades Judah and destroys Jerusalem, just as the prophet Jeremiah had been warning for some time.  After conquering Jerusalem, Nebuchadnezzar exiles many of the ruling class and installs Zedekiah as ruler over the enslaved Israelites left in their homeland.  In chapter 22, Jeremiah has shifted from recording his prophetic warnings to Zedekiah (post-invansion) to recording his warning to Jechoniah – the king of Judah at the time Babylon invaded.  Jechoniah would only reign as King for 3 months before Nebuchudnezzar would overthrow him and lead him into captivity into Babylon.

In chapter 22:18-19 Jeremiah warns Jechoniah of this impending disaster, telling him that he would not be mourned as a normal king, buried in the King’s Tombs in Jerusalem, but instead would be tossed into a field to rot.  (This is imagery of him being led into slavery in Babylon – where he died).  Another interesting note by Jeremiah in this chapter is the subtle change of name used in vs. 24 & 28.  God gives Jeremiah a prophetic warning of His rejection of Jechoniah due to his disobedience.  Instead of using the name Jechoniah (which means “Jehovah established”), God has Jeremiah use the name Choniah (which would be just “established” without the Jehovah prefix).  In essence, God is telling Jechoniah (and everyone else) that He was withdrawing His hand of Blessing from the King and the people of Judah.

Sadly, Jechoniah ignored him.

In the final verse of chapter 22 – Jeremiah records a prophetic curse that is a major part of our understanding who Jesus is.

Thus says the Lord: Write this man [Coniah] down as childless, a man who shall not prosper in his days, for no man of his offspring shall succeed in sitting upon the throne of David and ruling any more in Judah.– Jer 22:30 AMP

God says that Jechoniah’s line would never again sit upon the throne of David in Jerusalem as Israel’s King.  Yet, we are also told that the Messiah would be a descendant of David and would reign as King upon David’s throne (recorded in 1 Kings, 1 Chron).  How can this be?  How can one curse say the line of David would end with Jechoniah and another blessing say that the Messiah would be from the line of David?

The answer is contained within the genealogies as recorded in the beginnings of Matthew and Luke.  Joseph, the father of Jesus, was a descendant of Jechoniah – part of the cursed royal lineage.  Therefore, Joseph could never be the father of the Messiah – due to his cursed heritage.  But, Mary was also a descendant of David’s line (through Nathan) – so Mary was NOT part of that curse!

Now you can hopefully see why the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary (in essence bypassing Joseph).  The Immaculate Conception was actually part of God’s plan to continue His promise to David, yet fulfill he curse He imposed upon Jechoniah.

God’s Word is true…

 Be Fruitful & Multiply,