psalm51In 1 Sam 13:14 – David is described as a “man after God’s own heart”.  This is later reinforced in Acts 13:22.  So what is it that made God describe David this way?  What was it about David that caught God’s eye (Psalm 17:8)?  As we have learned during our journey through God’s Word – David was far from perfect.  He made several mistakes throughout his progression from shepherd boy to King – many of which caused other people to die in battle!  In fact – God refused to allow David to build the Temple due to the “blood on his hands” (1 Chron 22:7-10).  So what was it that caused God to gush over David so much?

Psalm 51 gives us the answer.

This Psalm is written by David right after one of his most serious mistakes.  In 1 Sam 11-12 we are told of the situation; where David (as King) is not out in battle (where he should be) – but instead is lounging on his palace terrace roof… where he spots the beautiful Bathsheba bathing on her own roof.  David desires Bathsheba – and causes her to get pregnant.  Afterwards, David was informed that she is married and upon finding this out – King David sets up her husband, Uriah, to be killed in battle.

Sin has a way of spiraling out of control… from desire – to adultery – to murder.

It was the Prophet Nathan who came to the King and bravely revealed his secret sin.  This was a huge step of trust for Nathan, because as King, David had the power to have him killed in order to continue to protect his sin.  Instead – David repented.

Psalm 51 is the result of David’s repentance.  As you read it – can you hear his heart?

– His cry for mercy (vs 1).

– His complete confession about his sin (vs 4).

– His desire to be clean (vs 7).

David was well aware of the severe consequences for sin.  Sin destroys the heart and the spirit (vs 10).  It interferes with our relationship with God and hinders our prayers (vs 11).  It robs us of joy (vs 12) and steals our ability to praise (vs 14).

Sin kills.

Instead of demanding his own way – using his power/position to continue in his sin – or blaming God for his troubles… David repented, confessed his wrongdoing before God, and sought the renewal of a clean heart.

That is why God described him as a man after His own heart.

So how would God describe you?

Be fruitful & multiply,